My name is Praveen Kumar, and I am an assistant sales officer in a paints distribution company in Bangalore. I did my graduation in Tumkur and then came to Bangalore to explore job prospects. I was lucky to get this job, and I look after retail sales for my company. I am 29 years old and at that stage where I want to give my family a little more comfort in life. And that means a nice comfortable home that I would be happy in and proud of.

I pesently live in a small one-bedroom house on the outskirts of Koramangala and I am not too happy with the locality we stay in. We are paying 12,000 rupees as rent, and every month when I pay the landlord, he is happy and I am sad. I sometimes wonder how long I will continue to stay in a rented home. And what really happens to the money I pay as rent.

One day I also want to bring my parents from Tumkur to Bangalore. They are both teachers and will be retiring in a few years. I would like to bring them down to stay with me when they retire. What would I give to invest in a really affordable, small, compact two bedroom apartment that I can eventually call my own home? I know home loans are easier to get these days, even my boss who is a few years older was talking about that. Getting a loan is a sensible thing to do, but how would I pay my rent in addition to my EMIs.

Then I heard some good news that I really want to explore. I heard about a truly amazing offer from Aswani Properties where they pay you rent for your apartment (under construction) from the day you make your booking. Which means right through the construction period, I earn rent – which will help me reduce my burden on EMIs towards the loan.

I am going to meet the sales team at Aswani with my boss and together we are going to check out this offer. Who knows, we may be neighbours as well.

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Image shows model flat at Aswani Sunshine
(Name changed in this post based on personal request)